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What One Old Dead Guy Taught Me – Part 2

The last blog entry dealt with Law One of John Milton Gregory’s Seven Laws of Teaching. The first law principally concerned the teacher: The teacher must know that which he would teach. The second law shifts the focus from teacher to student, or “learner” as Gregory refers to him: The learner must attend with interest to the material to be learned. Three Levels of Attention Gregory begins by describing three different levels of “attent...  Read More

What One Old Dead Guy Taught Me – Part 1

Each summer, we, the faculty of Founders Christian School, take time to read some good books that would be beneficial to our calling as Christian educators. This summer, one of those books was a very short read: The Seven Laws of Teaching by John Milton Gregory. Written a hundred years before I was born (1884… you do the math), this little work is a colossus.Simple, yet profound… precisely the opposite of what education has largely become in our country toda...  Read More