Art Fair

Every year in the spring, FCS art students attend the South Central ACSI art festival at Clear Lake Christian School. We take around thirty of the best art works produced throughout the year. The art work is judged and given a rating. Each year our students get multiple medals for superior ratings. They also get the experience of seeing their artwork on display and viewing artwork from students from other schools.

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***Art Festival***
Several FCS students created art work that was selected to compete in the Art Festival held at Clear Lake Christian School a couple of weeks ago. Our students work was exceptional and many of them received top rated recognition across different art categories. Here are the results:
1st Place Ribbons:
- Caleb Baker
-Bryleigh Jones
-Robert Welling
-Elijah Ramsey
-Emily Molina
-Yuri Dunlap
-Elisa Monds
2nd Place Ribbons:
-Flavil Phillips
-Evvie Larson
-Caterina Ballatori
-Avery Chandler
-Sarah Phillips
-Elisa Monds
3rd Place Ribbons:
-Cassy Horning
-Caterina Ballatori
-Elijah Ramsey
-Amber Streeter
-Laura Branch
-TJ Baker
-Katelynn Avery
Many thanks to Mrs. Welling for the wonderful job she does teaching our students how to create various forms of art. And congratulations to all our Art students for their hard work and success!