Cindy Thurlow

Kindergarten Teacher



Ms. Thurlow has 19 years of teaching experience and is in her 7th year of teaching at FCS. She has a Bachelors's degree in science. She loves teaching at FCS because the class size allows her to get to know each individual student better in order to teach them well. She loves the "freedom we have to see and teach according to the way we see our students will learn best." She also loves that she is able to learn share and discipline from a godly worldview.

The verses she strives to implement in her classroom room are "I am the potter and you are the clay; make me and mold me in your own way." She says, "God uses parents, teachers, and adults to mold you and shape you more into the image of Christ. He molds you into the person that He wants you to become. Sometimes this pushing and molding don't feel so good, but we still need to do it for godly discipline. Just like a potter pushes and molds his clay to make you into the vessel He wants you to be."