Chess Club

Students begin participating in the FCS Chess Club as young as 2nd grade, and have a great time in our weekly club meetings! After-school meetings consist of lessons in gameplay strategy and ranked challenges they must win in order to move up on our team “Rankings Ladder.”

The team competes in multiple USCF-Rated Chess tournaments each year, and has made quite a splash on the Houston Chess scene!

Upcoming Events

Chess meet

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Chess meet

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Texas State Chess Championships
3rd Place, 7th Grade
5th Place, 5th Grade


North Shore Middle School Chess Tournament
1st All Team


Texas State Chess Championships
4th Place, 2nd Grade


Region V Scholastic Chess Tournament
Primary Division:
1st place: Landry Johnson
4th place: Kade Jones

"Friday Knights" Chess Tournament:
Tied 2nd place: Landry Johnson
Tied 2nd place: Cody Baker

School awards:
Primary Division:
1st place